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Memorandum of Understanding

Below you will find the process to acquire approval and signatures for any memorandum of understanding. 

Step One

Please fill out the MOU Template below. Ensure the following areas are completed:

  • Name of Agency/Organization/Program
  • Description of Services provided by Aliviane, Inc. 
  • Description of Services by Agency/Organization/Program
  • Check Applicable Program Components
  • Agency/Organization/Program Signature Section (Left Side)
  • Start Date and End Date

Step Two

Send the completed MOU via email to Guillermo Valenzuela, [email protected]. In the email body provide the email of the Agency/Organization/Program designated signer as well as anyone who should be copied in the process.

Step Three

Inform the Agency/Organization/Program signer that they receive the MOU document digitally through DigiSigner for their signature. 

Step Four

The MOU will be routed internally for signature, after internal approval document will be sent to the Agency/Organization/Program signer. After all signatures have been collected, copies will be sent to the appropriate parties. 

Aliviane will house all signed MOUs in a secure location for reference.