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Marketing and Communications

The role of the Development team at Aliviane is to expand the organization’s mission by generating awareness, engagement and conversion of our target audiences in achievement of organizational goals and objectives. The Development team is responsible for articulating the Aliviane brand and competitive positioning through the use of innovative and effective marketing and communications strategies for measurable results, including:

  • Marketing/Advertising
    • Increase awareness, generate demand and influence conversion of customers through paid media, event, and non-paid sources (referral, web, social).
  • Internal Communications
    • Create clear and consistent communications to inform the Aliviane and El Paso community on key initiatives, activities, achievements and other updates to increase understanding and inspire participation.
  • Creative Development
    • Attract, engage and move to action our target audiences through communications that articulate the Aliviane brand.
  • External Relations
    • Engage through personal and direct methods to build relationships and engage specific customer segments.
  • Public Relations
    • Grow earned media to increase brand awareness, prospective customer interest, employer engagement and community involvement.