According to some of the most current intervention statistics, approximately 90% of all interventions (drug, alcohol, and risky behaviors) will succeed upon the conclusion of holistic intervention services. Aliviane provides a myriad of intervention services  that  introduce  techniques  and methods   to  regain  and/or  maintain control  over substance  use  and  factors that may lead to substance  use  or misuse. Aliviane’s holistic approached to intervention services have allowed all of our intervention programs to meet the direct needs of the community we serve. Please contact Julie Priego, Divisional Director, at 915.782.4000 or for more information.

Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

The program is designed to support the delivery of services to persons who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and have serious illnesses or co-occurring substance use disorders. The PATH program has succeeded in putting experience to work to meet the needs of homeless people who have mental illness by engaging the services of community mental health centers and mental health providers, community based social services agencies, health care providers and substance use services providers. The program provides outreach, screenings, habilitation & rehabilitation, case management, housing and transportation support services. Please contact Elisa Cervantes, PATH Program Coordinator, at 915.351.6677 Ext. 222 or for more information.