Message from Aliviane CEO, Ivonne Tapia

Abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs is costly to our nation, exacting more than $700 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care. Aliviane has and will remain focused on prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery of those who struggle with substance use and other inhibiting factors as a result of behavior health issues. This is just one of the reasons that Aliviane’s work is essential to creating a healthy community. For over 40 years, Aliviane, has been a community resource and as we continue to grow I look forward to a renewed Vision for the Future which will lead the organization into the next 40 years. Aliviane is a leader in West Texas and continually strive to provide quality specialized services to our clients and their families. Aliviane, Inc. supports clients while understanding the 7 components of trauma informed care, and realizing the distinctive needs of each client. As a TREATMENT focused agency, we strive to assist our clients, staff and community live an overall healthier life.

I first joined Aliviane with the hope that I could be of service to someone in need, while

Ivonne Tapia, Aliviane CEO

Ivonne Tapia, Aliviane CEO

creating a positive impact on the community. Little did I know, I would not only be able to help others, but I would be responsible for transforming lives. I am proud to be the leader of Aliviane and set forth a new plan of growth, transparency and provide an overall safe-haven to clients served. As Chief Executive Officer, I’m determined to have our mission of providing a comprehensive and integrated continuum of high quality trauma informed behavioral health, education, interventions, treatment and recovery services realized throughout El Paso and surrounding areas.

Aliviane is focused on being a pillar in the community and a beacon of hope to those in need of life changing services. Our renewed Vision for the Future will highlight 3 components that will allow our Board, staff, clients and community in joining in creating a positive change in service quality, program delivery, and community involvement.

  • Embrace the voice
  • Easing the journey
  • Engaging the family

As we introduce our Vision for the Future, it will take time and dedication to undergo transformation. I am asking for patience, flexibility, and understanding as we transition Aliviane to new heights. Together we can truly make a difference and make Aliviane a premier place of learning, healing and hope.    I look forward to building this vision with the board, staff, clients and community. I am eager to move forward and I know you all are as well. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Cheers to the future!


Ivonne Tapia

Chief Executive Officer


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