About Us

To provide a comprehensive and integrated continuum of high quality trauma informed behavioral health, interventions, treatment, and education services.

Aliviane envisions a society that understands that substance use treatment works, it is effective and people do recover. We envision a community that treats people in recovery from addiction, and people at-risk of addiction with dignity and respect. We work so stigma, discriminatory attitudes, and other barriers to recovery are eliminated. We envision a society where children are free from the temptations of drug use and abuse. We envision a safer and healthier society for all.

Aliviane, Inc. is a nonprofit community-based that began providing services in 1970 and has developed a broad range of promotion, prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery programs in the areas of substance abuse, behavioral health, HIV services, and homelessness. Throughout the years, we have developed a strong network of community support and partnerships that help us provide quality care in West Texas. The agency is a strong provider of training and professional development for partnering organizations, health workers, interns, volunteers, and members of the community involved with public service.

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