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State Representative Joseph “Joe” Moody visits our office

State Representative Joseph “Joe” Moody visits our office

On March, 15th, 2018 we had the privilege to receive Texas State Representative Joseph “Joe” Moody in our main office. Mr. Moody is serving his fourth term in the Texas Legislature and was recently appointed as Vice Chair for the House Select Committe on Opioids and Substance Abuse.

His visit comes at a time in which the opioid crisis in The U.S. is at it’s worst. In 2016, 116 Americans died daily after overdosing on opioids. Meanwhile in Texas there was an increment of 8% in opioid deaths in comparison to 2015, and El Paso reported 54 opioid-related deaths, with the number expected to double in the coming years.

For over 48 years, Aliviane has been a prominent leader in substance use and mental health co- occurring disorder services and a respected client advocate. Fighting the opioid crisis will be a very tough job, but not an impossible one. Cities and counties in the state must focus all of their energies in developing task forces to address heroin and opioid misuse through education, prevention, overdose response, addiction treatment, public safety enforcement, and supply reduction We are sure that under your great leadership and guidance Texas will take the adequate measures to explore and fight the opioid crisis that’s looming upon us and has taken the lives of many individuals all across our nation.

Behavioral Health Conference

The Behavioral Health Conference is a community based border conference that will focus primarily on prevention issues, such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, mental health and suicide prevention, that are significant to families residing in the border and Colonia areas of El Paso county. The conference will offer specific tracks for professionals, promotoras, parents and youth to help build skills and capacity regarding prevention issues.