Masquerade Recovery Gala

Addiction consumed me,
but sobriety revived me.

– Aliviane Client

Aliviane Masquerade Recovery Gala

In honor of National Recovery month and over 50 years of serving the El Paso region, Aliviane is excited to celebrate with our first Masquerade Recovery Gala! Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available to attend but you can still help a family as they navigate their way through recovery by donating today!

As a 50lc3 nonprofit organization, we depend on community support from generous donors like yourself to accomplish our goals. This year, all contributions will go directly towards our mission of enhancing our Women & Children’s Residential (WCR) services and are tax-deductible.

The WCR is the only program in the area that provides residential substance use and mental health disorder treatment, where women can bring their children to heal alongside them. This allows families to grow and thrive as individuals and as a family.

Should you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Aliviane, Inc., please contact Natalie Kubinski at [email protected].

Aliviane, Inc. is a community based nonprofit that helps individuals and families recover from substance use and other mental health disorders through our prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services. We envision a community where hope is instilled in individuals suffering from addiction by embracing their voice, easing their journey and engaging their families as they discover their own path to recovery.

For more information contact:

Natalie Gaytan

[email protected]

(915) 782-4000 Ext. 1405