Aliviane Alumni

Mrs. Medora Rostron – Aliviane Client Testimonial

“So it’s just a cycle that just — it’s never going to end” thought Medora Rostron when she hit rock bottom. Medora started drinking and smoking marijuana at the young age of 11, by the time she was 16 years old she was already a full on addict. Her addiction was greatly influenced by her rough upbringing. Both of her parents drank and did drugs, so did their friends and her friends parents. They also sold, making it very easy for her to have access to them. Her father left when she was very young and her mother passed away in her teens. To make matters more difficult, she was trap in an abusive relationship for 5 years and by the time she was 21 years old she already had 3 children of her own. Her addiction got worse after the father of her 2 children was murdered in a drug related robbery.

After the tragic events in Medora’s life, she started to spin out of control. She used crack cocaine and methamphetamines as a way to escape reality and numb her painful memories. Her abuse led her to lose everything, her home, cars, money, self respect and finally her children. She was in and out of jail and as she puts it “an empty shell of a person”. Medora couldn’t understand why she couldn’t stop; the drug had taken total control over her. She became homeless and started living on the streets where she felt very vulnerable and lonely. Her only friend was also her worst enemy. “Crack was there for me when my children were taken from me. Crack was there for me on my lonely cold nights on the streets. Crack was there for me when I was hungry. Crack was there for me when no one wanted to be around me because I hadn’t showered in days. Crack did not discriminate me. Crack was there for me to continue destroying my life. Crack was the reason for all of the destruction in my life. Addiction was my boss and crack was its whip”.

After being in and out of instate probation and jail, she finally got her wake-up call. She was sent to an inpatient treatment program where hope was restored in her life. Medora recalls that “in the treatment center something the lady said, one of the counselors said, clicked with me and made me realize I was worth something”.  She now has been successfully sober for 11 years and is slowly getting back what she tragically lost. Medora married and became a recovery coach for Aliviane, where she helped people overcome their battle with addiction. Today her kids are back in her life and her future looks brighter than ever. Every morning she wakes up looking forward to spending time with her 5 grandchildren and become a pillar in their lives.  She said that “this is only possible because of the path that I have chosen, the path of recovery”. However, Medora is aware that keeping addiction out of her life is an everyday struggle. She states that “the things that we lose during our addiction were not lost all in one night, it happened over time. So why is it that my addict mind thinks that just because I stopped using yesterday everything will magically fall back in to place? No. I have to do everything and work on my sickness daily because if I stop then I know where I’m going to end up”. After her many years struggling with this monster called addiction, Medora has hopeful words to everyone battling this disease, “Give yourself time to get to know the inner you and find your pathway the rest will come don’t hurry it.”