Brief Overview

El Paso Project LAUNCH is pioneering new ways to promote young children’s wellness through community collaboration. The program is working to support and link providers and parents to services that help our children reach their potential in every way. The target: children from birth through age 8. The goal: for all children to reach physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive milestones, because healthy growth in each of these areas prepares children to thrive in school and beyond.

The El Paso Project LAUNCH Council

The El Paso Project LAUNCH has formed a Young Child Wellness Council to engage key players across the child-serving system. The Council convenes early childhood partners to integrate and coordinate programs, policies, data, and funding. It joins with families and public and private partners to scan communities and pinpoint unmet needs. The Council meets monthly on the last Tuesday of every month at 9:00 am. We meet at the El Paso Center for Chidren Multipurpose Center located on 2200 N. Stevens, El Paso, Texas 79930.

Everyone is welcome!

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The Wellness Network Resource Directory

The Wellness Network Resource Directory is now an app! This directory is provided as a public service by the Aliviane, Inc. – Project LAUNCH program in collaboration with Texas 2-1-1 and United Way. The purpose of the directory is to assist El Paso residents and health professionals locate mental health and wellness services for adults, children, and families. Click the image above to view how to download! Available today at the App Store and Google Play store!

Search for: Project Launch Aliviane Directory and download today!

Incredible Years Parenting Classes

The Incredible Years is a program that helps guide parents on effectively using praise and positive reinforcement to help children. The program focuses on helping parents developemt their children's social and emotional health and wellness. Interested in attending our classes?

Contact Amparo Silvas Peña for more information!

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) is emerging as an effective strategy for supporting young children's social and emotional development and addressing challenging behaviors in early care and education settings (Georgetown, 2013). The practice involves a professional consultant with mental health expertise working collaboratively with early care and education staff, programs and families to improve their ability to prevent, identify, and respond to mental health issues among children in their care (Georgetown, 2013)

Home Visitation

Healthy Babies Healthy Families is a fun and educational program provided in the comfort of your own home. The program helps guide new parents through the first three years of their baby’s life.

Experiences Build Brain Architecture

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 2010 PSA

Project LAUNCH offers FREE ASQ Screenings!

Interested in a FREE screening? Call Us @ 915-533-3132!

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